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Emergency Procedures for all Walks (including Dog Walking)

Policy Statement

All members joining long and short walking groups must be made aware of this document by their Leader, and reminded of the content of the document during the year as needed.


  • Backpack, warm and wet weather clothing is permitted.
  • Sturdy walking boots or shoes are required.
  • NOT ALLOWED – thongs, light runners, sandals or open-toed shoes.
  • Morning tea, lunch and drinks to be carried in backpack.
  • Current member’s Hastings U3A badge must be visible.
  • Walking poles, small folding stools optional.


  • Members are encouraged to carry a First Aid kit and any personal medication.
  • Prior to the start of the walk, members are to advise the Leader if they have a medical problem.


  • Mobile phone is to be carried by at least one member of the group.
  • The Leader must advise all present which member(s) are carrying a phone.

Safety Procedures

  • The attendance sheet is to be completed by the Leader prior to the start of the walk..
  • The Leader must give details of the walk to the attending members prior to commencing.
  • At the conclusion of the walk the Leader must check numbers to ensure that none of the members are missing.
  • The walk must be automatically cancelled if the temperature is 30 degrees or over, or if a day of total fire ban has been declared.