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Cycling Groups


To provide a written statement of agreed policies and procedures of Hastings U3A Inc to ensure consistent acceptable standards are maintained for the conduct of the Hastings U3A Cycling lead group.

Medical Policy

  • Members are solely responsible for ensuring their medical and physical fitness for this course. If uncertain they should seek medical advice before enrolling or participating at any time. The class leader may request confirmation that medical advice has been obtained and is being followed.
  • Prior to any scheduled ride, members must be personally satisfied they can complete the ride and if uncertain they should not attend on the day.
  • Members must wear or carry their Hastings U3A membership badge including the details of any emergency contact telephone no, relevant medical condition or vital medication, to alert medical professional who may be called on their behalf and at their cost.
  • When serious injury or illness occurs an ambulance should be called.
  • Qualified medical or first-aid treatment is not provided for these courses, however a basic first aid kit is issued to the Leader for use on the course.


To provide a written statement of agreed policies and procedures of Hastings U3A Inc to ensure consistent acceptable standards are maintained for the conduct of the Hastings U3A Cycling lead group.

Safety Policy

  • The Leader is the appointed safety representative.
  • The Leader is to advise the Course Coordinator of any safety concerns and possible remedial action for consideration.
  • Members are responsible for obeying the Road Rules, riding in a safe manner, showing courtesy to all others. In addition they are required to comply with any related and reasonable request from the Leader.
  • Members must maintain their bike and equipment in good order and roadworthy condition and wear and or use lawfully required safety equipment at all times when participating with the group.
  • Members are required to advise the Leader if: 1. they are NOT attending class, 2. they are joining the group at another point other than the start. 3. they intend to deviate from the planned route being taken, or 4. they intend to leave the group before the finish of the ride.
  • When the forecast temperature is between 30 deg c and 34 deg c the program may be changed by the Leader and when the forecast temperature is over 34 deg c the ride will automatically be cancelled.
  • Changes including cancellation for any reason may only be made by the Leader.
  • The Leader may appoint a member to be a ride leader and appoint a member to ride at the rear of the group.
  • In case of an emergency the Leader is to assess the situation, contact an ambulance if deemed necessary and contact the Course Coordinator and the Hastings U3A office.
  • The Leader is to carry a basic first aid kit as provided.
  • Members are at all times required to be aware of and abide by all applicable policies and rules established from time to time by the Hastings U3A Inc.


The Leader is to ensure that:

  • The Safety Policy is implemented
  • The attendance sheet has been completed prior to the ride, and
  • Any accidents, injuries or incidents are reported to the Course Coordinator as soon as possible.

General Policy

  • In the absence of the Leader from the group, the Leader may appoint a substitute or interim leader. As soon as is practicable the Course Coordinator is to be advised.
  • The substitute or interim leader must be made aware of and ensure that the duties and responsibilities of the group are performed.
  • The Leader may invite an un-enrolled or a visitor/s to participate in an introductory or other ride. The Leader is to ensure the invitee/s is aware, understands and accepts the relevant provisions of the Policy, Emergency and General Procedures for the Cycling Group.
  • The Leader must advise the Course Coordinator of any changes to the program. If the class or members of a group propose representing Hastings U3A Inc in a community festival or other public event, prior notice is to be given to the Course Coordinator.
  • At the end of the term the Leader is to return the completed Attendance Sheets to the office for processing.
  • Each member to be advised that Hastings U3A Inc does NOT indemnify ordinary members or provide public liability, personal accident or any other insurance coverage whatsoever including loss or theft or damage to personal or other property.
  • All policies and or instructions established from time to time by Hastings U3A Inc are to be adhered to.
  • This statement to be reviewed and approved on an annual basis and any proposed changes referred to the Committee of Management for evaluation and final approval.


The Leader to ensure the General Policy is adhered to.